Clamping and crowning



Even a manual clamping can be time effective thanks to fastclamping system  ́ ́Fast Clamp ́ ́.
Upper clamping is made of a line of segments which number varies according the working length of the machine. Every segment contains a tiltable lever with which theclamp and  release of the tool is easily and fast done.

Bottom clamping consists of a dieholder which is fixed to the table of the machine by the fixing stones. Centering and fixing of the dieholder is done only once. Change
of bottom tools is then very easy and fast. It is done by inserting the die into the dieholder. When necessary it is possible to fix the die in the dieholder by the imbus screws in the side of the dieholder.

Bottom table still has the crowning system for the angle correction during long bend.This system is adjusted by the servo-motor on the side of the machine and is automatically set by CNC controller of the machine.





Everything is the same as at the previous model. (code:CPM1). Only the upper clamping segments are always mirrorwise at the front and back side of the ram.
They enable like this the turning of the upper tool. Which is advantageous for specific bends especially for arched tools.





Upper clamping consists of double-sided segments like the model CPM2. The advantage is hydraulic clamping of all the segments at once by the button on CNC controller.It is possible to insert the upper tools into clamping from the bottom straight on the workplace.It is not necessary to insert them from the side like in case of the manual clamping. 

Bottom clamping consists of clamping bar. Like the model CPM1 the bar is centered towards the upper clamping and the bottom die is put into it. Clamp of the dies is hydraulic and is controlled by the same button on the CNC controller like clamping of the upper tools. Also in this hydraulic modification the bottom table has the crowning system for the angle correction controlled by CNC





 System ROLLERI NSCL brings more advantages compared to segmented clamping PROMECAM .
Upper and bottom clamping is made of clamping bar into which you can insert tools to the arbitrary place.Tools are inserted from the bottom (they are not inserted from the side of clamping) and after the clamp they are automatically aligned. Further during production of complicated parts when the machine has segmented tools installed in a few bending stations, it is not necessary to choose ideal place for the tools in the clamping in a complicated way so that the operator avoids the gaps between the segments like with the Promecam system.

42Cr: 900-1150 N/mm2

Automatically ROLLERI NSCL has CNC controlled crowning. Compared to PROMECAM
it is not placed in the table of the machine but directly in the bottom clamping bar.


 Principle of crowning:

During long bends it is necessary to adjust the table with the die against upper ram of the press brake so that the angle of the bend stays the same in all the length of the bend.Crowning consists of two waved formed segments which move on each other and are driven by motor of the gear box.Thanks to their movement on each other we get the proper crowning of the bottom table with the die.